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In today’s competitive environment of globalization, every business requires specialists and expertise to navigate maximize efficiency and ensure long-term success.

At MAC Consulting, our team specializes in long-term strategic planning so that your business makes the most efficient use of its capital and develops sound policies to maximize profitability in the future.


Running a business in today’s global environment is highly competitive. That is why forward strategic planning is essential in developing a consistent, growing revenue stream while identifying viable trends that can enhance your revenue and minimize your risks.

MAC Consulting has the experience and expertise to take a macro view of the global economy and target regions and segments of the market most suitable to your business development while taking into account the crucial micro factors of your specific targeted client base and full analysis of the competitive environment to ensure you stay one step ahead.


"The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself." Peter F. Drucker
Our focus on developing a comprehensive advertising campaign and building a strong brand image are essential in maintaining a growing customer base and guaranteeing that you are gaining as much targeted exposure as possible for your given product line to generate a consistent base of revenue in the future.

From the use of print media and television to social media and targeted campaigns, MAC Consulting can develop the most suitable marketing plan to meet your needs within any given budget.


Every business organization is made of complex individuals who work and interact in different ways. The key to human resource development is ensuring that a system is in place so that the whole becomes worth more than the sum of its parts and the people who comprise the business make a meaningful contribution to its activity at the personal and financial level.

We provide a full spectrum of services from team building exercises, management training and maximizing worker productivity and satisfaction through to targeted group development. Our expertise lies in sales training, customer relations and human resources system development.


Today’s fast-paced environment means people around the world require immediate service and the products they purchase must be readily available.

MAC Consulting can assist you in developing operational plans as well as stream-lined distribution networks to guarantee your products or services are readily available whenever they are needed and wherever they are in demand.

We work closely with international shipping companies as well as logistical firms in developing comprehensive operational plans to ensure the highest rate of success possible in your business.


Have you ever gone shopping or called a company for information and left the store or hung up the phone wondering: What just happened?

The single most important aspect of any business is the quality of the products or services they provide.

At MAC Consulting, we strive to achieve excellence in every aspect of our organization and we can provide our clients with a full analysis of their product or service line and target their areas of strengths and weaknesses to ensure they provide the highest level of quality and efficiency to ensure customer satisfaction.

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